Information About THP+FC

THP-Plus Foster Care (THP+FC) is a licensed placement for youth, ages 18-21 who are participating in extended foster care, which was established by Assembly Bill 12, the California Fostering Connections to Success Act.

THP+FC is modeled after the THP-Plus Program, and provides housing and comprehensive supportive services. THP+FC providers are certified by county departments of social services and licensed as Transitional Housing Placement Providers by the Community Care Licensing (CCL) Division of the California Department of Social Services.


If you are a current or former foster youth looking for information about AB 12/extended foster care, visit JBAY’s webpage on the California Fostering Connections to Success Act.

If you are already participating in extended foster care and would like to live in transitional housing for your placement, ask your social worker or probation officer for information about THP+FC programs in your area or download the list HERE.