Upcoming Events & Trainings

February 26

Conference: Sacramento

Transition Age Youth Conference 2019

Description: The Transition Age Youth Conference is a one-day event that will be held on February 26, 2019 to bring together transition age youth and professionals from across the state for collaboration. This year’s conference theme, “The Three Pillars of Success: Balancing Physical, Mental, and Social Well-being” addresses the whole person to promote long-term development and success. The conference is hosted by the California Department of Social Services and the Child & Family Policy Institute of California.

  • Supporting Success: Implementing New Case Plan Provisions for Post-Secondary Support


    Debbie Raucher, Project Director at John Burton Advocates for Youth

    Kista Holani, Youth Advocate at John Burton Advocates for Youth

    Senate Bill 12 and ACL 18-104 put in place new case plan requirements for social workers. All social workers with youth 16 and older on their caseloads must now identify in the case plan who will assist youth with applications for postsecondary education, including career and technical education, and related financial aid. This workshop will provide an overview of the college planning process and offer tools and resources to support social workers to make the most of this new mandate.

February 27


Alternative Pathways to Post-Secondary Education: Apprenticeship and Career Education Programs

Description: This webinar will provide an overview of Career Education (CE) and apprenticeship programs for those working with transition-age youth who may be interested in non-traditional post-secondary opportunities.

March 5


AB 995: Reducing Homelessness Among Former Foster Youth

Description: This webinar will discuss AB 995 which was introduced by Assemblymember Phil Ting to reduce homelessness among former foster youth. Discussion will be on background information that explains the impetus for the legislation, outline specifically what the bill will do, and walk through the necessary steps required to turn the bill into law.

March 7


A Sense of Home: Connecting Youth Exiting Care to Home Supplies 

Description: This webinar will feature A Sense of Home (ASOH), a non-profit that seeks to design and furnish the first independent homes of former foster youth to increase stability and promote permanency.

April 1-2

Conference: Sacramento

Foster Youth Educational Summit

Description: The 2019 California Foster Youth Education Summit will be a time to focus on the impact of trauma on our students in foster care and the systems that serve them. It is also a time to showcase the incredible resiliency of our students and the pathway to academic and educational success. Understanding the impact of trauma and the ways to respond to it are integral to student success. This year’s Summit will enable all stakeholders to learn from each other, from our students in foster care and foster care alumni.

  • College and Career Options for Foster Youth with Disabilities


    Debbie Raucher, Project Director at John Burton Advocates for Youth

    Disabilities are too often viewed as obstacles to success beyond high school but that doesn’t have to be true. By helping foster youth access appropriate disability services and supports, most can pursue post-secondary education and move into satisfying careers. We will explain career education pathways and how to access the disability support programs available in the community colleges. You will also learn about the services available from the Department of Rehabilitation and you will leave with a menu of clear options for foster youth with disabilities.