Youth Resources

  • Education Resources

    If you are interested in finding resources for attending college, click HERE to be taken to the California College Pathways website.

    For information on the Burton Book Fund click HERE.

  • Housing Resources

    If you are a former foster youth looking for housing, click HERE to be taken to the THP-Plus website to find out about housing options and other resources in your area.

    THP+ Provider Roster

    THP+FC Provider Roster

    For additional support make sure to reach out the the foster youth ombudsman. Click HERE to access their website for additional resources.

  • Health Resources

    Click HERE to access a resource for finding reproductive health services.

    Click HERE to download the Mental Health Bill of Rights.

    If you are a former foster youth under the age of 26 and need health care coverage, click HERE to learn about coverage options.

    If you are a non-minor dependent (participating in extended foster care/AB12) and would like information about applying for CalFresh (food stamps), click HERE.

  • Extended Foster Care

    For information about extended foster care established by AB 12, the California Fostering Connections to Success Act, click HERE.