2019-20 THP-NMD & THP-Plus Annual Report: COVID-19, Program Access, Youth Outcomes & More

This webinar marked the release of the THP-NMD and THP-Plus Annual Report, highlighting key findings and recommendations.

The report indicates that the COVID-19 crisis has impacted current and former foster youth, with 38% of employed youth in the programs having lost their jobs and 32% experiencing a reduction in hours (70% total) due to the pandemic. THP-NMD and THP-Plus remain of critical importance during the public health crisis and economic recession in offering stable housing to participants. Unfortunately, not all youth can access these programs however, with the waiting list for THP-NMD reaching 490 as of July 1, 2020, a 44% increase from the year prior, and the waiting list for THP-Plus at 529.

Utilizing demographic and outcome data from the THP-NMD and THP-Plus Participant Tracking Systems and a statewide survey of the programs’ providers, the report includes information about numbers of youth served by the programs statewide, educational and employment outcomes of participants, average length of stay in the programs, rate of involuntary discharge, rate of homelessness prior to program entry, rate of custodial parenting, and more.