Sharpening the View: Improving Foster Youth Data to Improve Outcomes

This webinar presents the findings of Educational Results Partnership’s report-Sharpening the View: Improving Foster Youth Data to Improve Outcomes.

The report examines the foster youth data landscape throughout California to better understand both the benefits and challenges foster youth practitioners face when working with foster youth data and systems to serve students.

The study focused on understanding the hands-on experiences of frontline practitioners working with foster youth data to answer the following questions:

  • What perceptions do K-12 practitioners have about the quality of foster youth data
  • What challenges do K-12 practitioners experience when trying to obtain quality foster youth data?
  • How do the challenges experienced by K-12 practitioner’s impact their ability to serve foster students?

The webinar  also reviews actionable recommendations for improving the data landscape in order to enable practitioners to most effectively serve foster youth.