2020 Bills to Support Foster Youth College Access

While California has made great strides in recent years to support foster youth to enroll in and complete college, there is more to be done to provide comprehensive college access to youth with experience in foster care and the support many need to complete their chosen educational path. John Burton Advocates for Youth will be co-sponsoring two bills during the 2020 legislative cycle designed to achieve this goal. SB 860 (Beall) will ensure that foster youth have the necessary support to complete a FAFSA while in high school. Despite the critical role played by financial aid in college achievement, foster youth continue to under utilize this vital resource, often because they do not complete a FAFSA. A second bill, authored by Senator Leyva, will expand eligibility criteria for the NextUp program at 45 community colleges to include youth who were in foster care after the age of 13, rather than the current age 16 requirement, and will make other changes to program rules needed to maximize the impact of the program. This webinar provides details about these two new bills, why they are crucial to foster youth educational success and information about how you can help to turn them into law.