Stop Vulnerable Children from Footing the Bill for Tax “Reform”

Child welfare advocates are calling on Congress to reject the proposed tax bill under consideration due to its harmful effect on children. According to an analysis by the Child Welfare League of America, the proposed $1.5 trillion tax cut would result in mandatory cuts over ten years to pay for the funding deficit it creates.

While some programs, such as foster care and adoption assistance would be exempt from these cuts because they are federal entitlement programs, most programs would not. This includes the Social Services Block Grant which provides $1.587 billion to fund 29 different types of services, including child welfare, child protection services ($329 million), adult protection services ($191 million), disability services ($227 million) and child care ($300 million). In FY 2018, California received $191 million.

The SSBG was created as in 1981, by consolidating a number of federal entitlement programs and then turning it into a block grant. As a result, SSBG has lost 73 percent of its value since 1982, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

CWLA is urging individuals to protect the SSBG and prevent it from being used to pay for the tax legislation under consideration in Congress. To ask your legislator to take action, follow this LINK.

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