Fall 2017 School Enrollment Up from Last Year for Youth in THP+FC & THP-Plus

John Burton Advocates for Youth has released program snapshots for the two transitional housing programs for current and former foster youth. These snapshots are released quarterly and provide moment-in-time, statewide, aggregate data for the THP+FC and THP-Plus programs in the areas of education, employment and income, involvement with the criminal justice system, and parenting status.

As of September 30, 2017, a total of 55 percent of youth in THP+FC and 44 percent in THP-Plus were enrolled in school, up from the June 30th figures of 40 and 34 percent, respectively. While enrollment has increased — not surprisingly — after the transition from summer to fall, it is also up from the previous fall for youth in THP+FC. As of September 30, 2016, exactly half of youth in THP+FC were enrolled in school, and in THP-Plus, the same figure as this year – 44 percent – were enrolled.

Of the 55 percent of youth in THP+FC enrolled in school this fall, the majority were attending a community college (68%), nearly one-quarter (24%) were completing high school, and eight percent were attending a four-year college or university. In THP-Plus, nearly three-quarters (74%) of the 44 percent enrolled in school were attending a community college, 16 percent were attending a four-year, and ten percent were completing high school.

Across most other areas, the data has remained relatively consistent, with the exception of employment. Less unemployed youth were seeking employment in September as compared to June, and less employed youth were working full-time in September as compared to June.

The program snapshots are based on data from the THP+FC and THP-Plus Participant Tracking Systems, online databases that provide demographic and outcome data on 719 THP+FC participants and 735 THP-Plus participants. To view the THP+FC Program Snapshot, follow this LINK. To view the THP-Plus Program Snapshot, follow this LINK.

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