Beyond the Safety Net: Persistence Plus

Persistence Plus is an exciting new evidence-based technological tool that provides personalized, interactive “nudges” via text message, rooted in the principles of behavioral psychology, to support students in their post-secondary education.

Students who use Persistence Plus:

  • have higher persistence to the next term;
  • higher persistence to the next year;
  • are more likely to seek math tutoring; and
  • 95% of students receiving nudges recommend that new students receive mobile nudges.

As part of the two-year initiative, Persistence Plus is being customized for the college students participating in these 36 programs and implemented starting January 2018 for the first cohort, and August 2018 for the second cohort.

Implementation Information

Cohort 1 Implementation: Download the 11/9/17 presentation on Persistence Plus implementation for Cohort 1, or watch the webinar below

Cohort 2 Implementation: Download the 5/16/18 presentation on Persistence Plus implementation for Cohort 2, or watch the webinar below

Frequently Asked Questions: Download an FAQ document on Persistence Plus implementation with Beyond the Safety Net

Implementation Tools

Student Flyer: Provide this flyer to the youth in your program who are enrolled in college, or intend to enroll for the following semester, in order to help explain what Persistence Plus is.

Consent Form: Before signing your students up for Persistence Plus, gain their consent to share their name, phone number, college name, and other pertinent information that helps Persistence Plus customize each student’s nudges. JBAY and Persistence Plus do not need these forms back. These are for providers to keep for their files.

Student Information Template: Use this spreadsheet to enter student information. All students can be entered on one spreadsheet and sent to [email protected] Be sure to review the instructions (to the right) first.

Instructions for Student Information Template: This document provides instructions for entering student information in the template to the left, column by column.

What Are We Learning?

Persistence Plus: What Are We Learning from Student Responses?: Download the 6/20/18 presentation, or watch the webinar below