Beyond the Safety Net Initiative

Beyond the Safety Net is a two-year initiative led by John Burton Advocates for Youth with the goal of transforming housing providers into college success programs.

JBAY is partnering with 36 housing programs collectively serving 1,648 current and former foster and probation youth and homeless youth across 17 counties to improve their capacity to support youth with applying for and enrolling and persisting in college.

Beyond the Safety Net is funded by the California Wellness Foundation.

Participating programs are provided:

  • Access to exclusive in-person convenings that promote learning and peer sharing
  • Individualized and small group support with achieving the goals established by their program at the start of the initiative
  • Training on components of the Core Practice Model
  • Practice tools tailored to meet the needs of programs serving current and former foster and probation youth and homeless youth
  • Free access to an exciting new evidence-based technological tool, Persistence Plus, that provides personalized, interactive “nudges” via text message, rooted in the principles of behavioral psychology, to support students in their post-secondary education

For more information on John Burton Advocates for Youth’s Beyond the Safety Net Initiative, contact Simone Tureck at (415) 693-1323 or [email protected].