The Supervised Independent Living Placement

The Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) is one of the new placement options for youth participating in extended foster care.

  • SILPs are appropriate for those non-minor dependents (NMDs) who are high functioning and able to live independently: Of all placement options available, the SILP provides the least amount of support and supervision, and the highest amount of autonomy.
  • SILP with support: The exception is a SILP that includes assistance from a permanent connection in addition to a social worker or probation officer, which could include living skills training.
  • There is an approval process for NMDs placed in SILPs: Refer to the information below for the process and corresponding forms required.
  • There are a range of eligible living settings that can qualify as a SILP: Refer to the information below for eligible living settings.


  • Private market housing

    Apartment/house, renting a room, Single Room Occupancies (SROs should only be considered in areas where rent is extremely high, and only when the building and environment is conducive to a safe and healthy lifestyle for the NMD).

  • Dorms/university settings

    Dorms and other university housing are not required to be approved by the county with a SILP health & safety inspection because they are already approved by the post-secondary institution for safety standards.


  • SILP Readiness Assessment

    The NMD must undergo a SILP Readiness Assessment. Click here for a standardized assessment tool recommended by the California Department of Social Services.

  • SILP Health & Safety Inspection

    The placement setting must undergo a health and safety inspection. NMDs are allowed to live in a SILP that has not yet been approved temporarily, but the county must inspect a new SILP within 10 calendar days. The SILP must be re-inspected annually, and a copy of the completed checklist should be provided to the NMD. Click here to download the required health & safety inspection form.

  • SILP is approved

    Once the SILP has been approved, a SILP Approval and Placement Agreement is completed by the NMD’s social worker or probation officer along with the NMD. Click here to download the required form.

Training on approving SILPs

California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) training for social workers and probation officers which provides information and guidelines to assist with the process of approving a SILP, is accessible on the CalSWEC website.