CalFresh Resources for College Faculty Working with Foster Youth

CalFresh is an important resource for college students and for current and former foster youth who are food insecure or at risk of food insecurity, however because of restrictive federal rules regarding CalFresh and college students and confusion about how to consider foster care payments when determining CalFresh eligibility, the CalFresh application process can be challenging for this population. The documents and resources below are intended to assist college campus faculty and other supportive adults with navigating the CalFresh application process with this population.

CalFresh Tools & Resources

FAQ on Non-minor Dependents & CalFresh: This document answers 17 frequently asked questions about young adults participating in Extended Foster Care applying for and accessing CalFresh

Prescreening Tool: College faculty and staff can use this tool to pre-determine if a student is potentially eligible for CalFresh

Student Eligibility Criteria Template: College faculty and staff can provide this document for students to provide to their county CalFresh eligibility worker to verify that the student is participating in an “exempting” program

CalFresh Process Cheat Sheet: This document walks through the CalFresh application Process

CalFresh Application Tutorial: This tutorial was provided at the California Community College Basic Needs Summit A website that allows you to apply online for CalFresh from mobile phone (or computer) available in some counties

CalFresh Outreach Video: This video is designed as a basic introduction to the CalFresh application process.

CalFresh Guidance Issued by the California Department of Social Services

All County Letter 18-27 (April 2, 2018): CalFresh Student Eligibility: Implementation of Assembly Bill 214

All County Information Notice I-68-17 (October 2, 2017): CalFresh Treatment of Non-Minor Dependent (NMD) Foster Care Income

All County Letter 17-05 (February 14, 2017): CalFresh Student Eligibility

All County Letter 15-70 (September 17, 2015): CalFresh Student Elgibility