A Training to Empower California’s Caregivers to Support Foster Youth to Enroll & Succeed in College

The purpose of this curriculum is to train caregivers and Resource Families to better support foster youth to enroll and succeed in college. It was developed by John Burton Advocates for Youth and UNITE-LA, with support from LA County’s Foster & Kinship Care Education Program.


Together with the accompanying “Turning Dreams into Degrees” presentation slides (Education Courses 1 & 2 below), this facilitator’s guide will prepare you to train caregivers on the college planning process. It will also provide you with helpful background information, general facilitation tips, and additional resources for further reference.

Education Course 1: Supporting Foster Youth through Early College Awareness and Preparation

Audience: This course is designed for caregivers with youth in 6th - 10th grade.

Description: This course will empower caregivers to discuss the value of higher education with their youth and provide ideas for how they can play an active role in supporting their youth to college. Caregivers will learn the significance of early college exploration, preparation, and key steps that they can take to help youth turn their dreams into degrees.

Education Course 2: Supporting Successful Transitions from High School to College

Audience: This course is designed for caregivers with youth in 11th - 12th grade, or recent high school graduates.

Description: This course will help caregivers understand how to support their youth to make a smooth transition from high school to college.  Caregivers will learn about the benefits of college and the different pathways available to better support youth in making a plan.  Caregivers will also learn about the key steps youth must take in the junior and senior year of college, and the supports and resources that exist to help youth along the way.