California College Pathways Rapid Response Program

COVID-19 poses a special risk to students with experience in foster care transitioning to and through college in California. In response to this crisis, several California College Pathways funding partners have collaborated with Together We Rise and John Burton Advocates for Youth to create a COVID-19 Safety Net Fund to ensure programs have immediate access to flexible resources to quickly address a wide range of challenges that could potentially threaten a foster youth’s ability to transition to and through college. Please contact [email protected] with questions about the COVID-19 Safety Net Fund.

Students must be referred by an approved agency in order to access the program.

Agencies must:

  • Be a campus-based support program or non-profit organization
  • Serve the eligible population (current or former foster youth enrolled in college in California or high school seniors matriculating into college)
  • Have the capacity to verify eligibility for students prior to referral