Families First Returns as Series of Individual Bills

Federally, much of 2016 was spent debating the Family First Prevention Services Act, which ultimately failed to pass. In California and a select number of other states, opposition to the bill was expressed due to concerns that it would limit access to foster care, provide inadequate support for relatives and compromise child safety.

In the current Congress, a series of bill have been introduced that include the individual provisions of Families First, in the hope that less controversial, bipartisan elements can move forward.

These include H.R. H.R. 2866 which would address licensing standards for placement in a relative family foster home, H.R. 2742, which would address interstate placement of children in foster care, H.R. 2857, which would allow family foster care maintenance payments for children placed with a parent in a licensed residential family-based treatment facility for substance abuse, H.R. 2834, which would re-authorize the regional partnerships intended to address parental substance use and H.R. 2847, which would extend the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program for older youth from age 21 to age 23.