State Notices Counties about Youths’ Right to Object to Out-of-County Placements

The California Department of Social Services has released All County Letter (ACL) 17-81 to notify counties about new requirements established by Assembly Bill 1688 (Rodriguez) in 2016 regarding foster youth placed outside their counties of origin.

Prior to the implementation of AB 1688, when a youth was placed outside of their county, the social worker was required to provide notice to the parent, who may object to the placement change. AB 1688 requires social workers to also provide written notice to the child’s attorney, and to the child if he or she is ten years of age or older. Additionally, AB 1688 allows foster children to object to the out-of-county placement.

The notice must be provided at least 14 days prior to the placement change unless the child’s health or well-being would be endangered by delaying placement or by giving prior notice. Foster children may object to the out-of-county placement within seven days of receiving the notice, and the court is required to hold a hearing no later than five days after the objection and prior to the placement. For more information, read the ACL.