Summer Means More Employment & Less Enrollment for Youth in THP+FC & THP-Plus

John Burton Advocates for Youth has released program snapshots for the two transitional housing programs for current and former foster youth. These snapshots are released quarterly and provide moment-in-time, statewide, aggregate data for the THP+FC and THP-Plus programs in the areas of education, employment and income, involvement with the criminal justice system, and parenting status.

Participant data from the quarter ending on June 30, 2017 indicated slight changes from the previous quarter ending on March 31, 2017, mainly illustrating changes likely brought about by the start of summer. In both programs, less youth were enrolled in school, with 40 percent in THP+FC, a drop from 48 percent in March; and 34 percent in THP-Plus, a drop from 42 percent in March.

In THP-Plus, 70 percent of youth were employed, a slight increase from 67 percent in March. The employment rate in THP+FC remained consistent at 46 percent. Both programs experienced an increase in the proportion of employed youth working full-time, and working youths’ average hourly wage increased slightly.

Rates of involvement with the adult criminal justice system have dropped slightly in THP-Plus. In THP+FC, the proportion of youth who are custodial parents increased from 13 percent in March to 15 percent in June.

The program snapshots are based on data from the THP+FC and THP-Plus Participant Tracking Systems, online databases that provide demographic and outcome data on 511 THP+FC participants and 658 THP-Plus participants. To view the THP+FC Program Snapshot, follow this LINK. To view the THP-Plus Program Snapshot, follow this LINK.