Governor Newsom thanked us, but we’re not done yet!

Your help is being noticed.

Yesterday, Governor Newsom took a minute during his COVID-19 briefing to talk about the contribution made by John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY). He praised our efforts “to provide those most at need, particularly in the foster care system, the support so that they can continue to practice their distance learning.” And he thanked us for already sending 2,565 laptops to foster youth who would be unable to continue in college without them.

If you already gave, we thank you for your generosity. Thanks to donors like you, we have raised more than $450,000. Every single dollar went directly to buying laptops for students.

But there are still more than a thousand students who desperately need our help. And they need that help in days not weeks.

After working so hard to get to college, they may now be forced to drop out because they do not have a laptop to access courses. Some are writing their essays on their phones. Others don’t even have a phone or internet access.

Can you help them? Many have had to overcome obstacles that no child should have to face to continue their education. Yet now they may be forced out of college because they cannot afford a laptop. Their lives will be forever altered….unless we get them a free laptop, at a cost to us of just $175.

Please do what you can to help:

We only have a few days left to help them stay in college and on track for the life they have worked so hard to achieve.

Thank you for everything you do,

Amy Lemley
Executive Director
John Burton Advocates for Youth

PS. Want to see what the governor said? Take a look: