Participation Conditions

In order to receive the benefits and services of extended foster care, a youth must be participating in at least one of the following activities:

Completing high school or equivalent program (i.e. GED) (enrollment is defined according to the definition employed by the school or program)

Enrolled in college or a vocational education program at least half-time (half-time enrollment as defined by the institution)

Participating in a program or activity designed to remove barriers to employment (this is the “safety net” category which is intended to bridge gaps in eligibility)

Employed at least 80 hours a month (this must be paid employment)

Unable to do one of the above requirements because of a documented medical condition

About fulfilling participation requirements at re-entry: If a youth is re-entering foster care, signing the Voluntary Re-entry Agreement is sufficient to indicate willingness to meet a participation condition and satisfies that requirement pending completion of the Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP), which documents the youth’s continuing participation.

About gaps in fulfilling participation conditions: Temporarily not participating in one criteria (i.e. if a youth loses a job) does not make the youth ineligible for extended foster care. As long as the youth continues to work towards the goals set out in their TILP their eligibility is maintained. The “Removing Barriers to Employment” participation criteria is intended to bridge the gaps in eligibility.