$4 Million Budget Proposal to Prevent Homelessness among Foster Youth in California

This proposal, championed by Assemblymember Phil Ting, would prevent California’s foster care system from contributing to the growing homelessness crisis by establishing a THP-NMD Housing Supplement. To learn more about the proposal, view a fact sheet, FAQ or webinar.

While the legislature’s budget includes $4 million for the Preventing Foster Youth Homelessness proposal, it was not included in the Governor’s proposed budget.


Contact the Governor

Call or E-mail Governor Newsom to request his support for the Preventing Foster Youth Homelessness Proposal.

Phone Number: (916) 445-2841

URL for Submitting E-mail: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

Call or E-mail Script:

  • Thank you for your leadership during this crisis, and all you have done to protect foster youth. I am calling as part of a statewide coalition of over 100 organizations to ask for your support of the $4 million Preventing Foster Youth Homelessness Proposal which would establish a THP-NMD Housing Supplement, DSS item number 5180.
  • Foster youth need your help during COVID-19: Foster youth across the state are becoming homeless due to COVID-19. While young adults across the state turn to their family for help, older youth in foster care rely on California’s foster care system.
  • California has a solution, but it needs a fix: California provides safe, affordable housing for over 2,000 foster youth annually through its Transitional Housing Placement (THP-NMD). This program has been one of California’s most effective programs, but it needs a fix! This proposal establishes the THP-NMD Housing Supplement to prevent homelessness by ensuring THP-NMD is available in higher-cost parts of the state.

Please include $4 million for the Preventing Foster Youth Homelessness Proposal.

Communicate on Social Media

Use Twitter to communicate with the Governor.

Below are several sample Tweets. Please post these today and through Wednesday, June 10th.

  • [email protected] CA’s housing costs increased 64% since 2012. #FosterYouth experience wait lists, homelessness, loss of services, and displacement #PreventFosterYouthHomelessness w/ @PhilTing #CALeg #CABudget
  • [email protected] THP-NMD $ is diverted away from services to pay for housing in high-cost areas leaving youth less prepared to transition out of #fostercare and at-risk of #homelessness. #CALeg #CABudget
  • [email protected] will you help @PhilTing prevent California’s #fostercare system from contributing to the growing #homelessness crisis by establishing a THP-NMD Housing Supplement? tinyurl.com/y733zl66 #CALeg #CABudget