A Curriculum for Resource Family Pre-Approval Training to Empower Caregivers to Support Foster Youth with their Sexual and Reproductive Wellness

The purpose of this curriculum is to train Resource Families to better support foster youth in their sexual and reproductive wellness. It was developed by John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) and Seneca Family of Agencies as part of JBAY’s work with the Los Angeles Reproductive Health Equity Project. Due to the passage of SB 89, training on sexual and reproductive health of foster youth is required to be part of pre-approval training for Resource Families (RF). This curriculum was developed to help county child welfare agencies, Foster Family Agencies, and community organizations who conduct RF pre-approval training fufill those training mandate. Topics covered include:

  • The rights of youth and young adult in foster care to sexual and reproductive health care and information, to confidentiality of sensitive health information, and the reasonable and prudent parent standard
  • The duties and responsibilities of the assigned case management worker and the foster care provider in ensuring youth and young adults in foster care can obtain sexual and reproductive health services and information
  • Guidance about how to engage and talk with youth and young adults about healthy sexual development and reproductive and sexual health in a manner that is medically accurate, developmentally and age-appropriate, trauma informed, and strengths-based
  •  Information about current contraception methods and how to select and provide appropriate referral resources and materials for information and service delivery

Additional SB 89 curricula on supporting sexual and reproductive health of youth in foster care can be found HERE.


These slides cover content that will help caregivers become more knowledgable about the sexual and reproductive health rights of their youth, the caregiver’s role in supporting these rights, how they can play an active role in supporting their youth in their sexual and reproductive wellness as well as current conceptration methods and resources to share with youth.


Together with the accompanying “Sexual and Reproductive Wellness for Youth in Foster Care” powerpoint slides, this facilitator’s guide will prepare you to train caregivers on the sexual and reproductive health topics required by SB 89. It will also provide you with helpful background information, general facilitation tips, and additional resources for further reference.