CA Foster Youth Sexual Health Education Act (SB 89)

In July 2017, California adopted a new law requiring comprehensive sexual health education for youth in foster care and new training requirements for foster caregivers, social workers and judges. Provided below are resources to support counties and providers in the implementation of Senate Bill 89. For more information or if you have questions, please contact Amy Lemley at This legislation (Senate Bill 89) has four specific requirements:

  • Improve Access to Sexual Health Education 
  • Inform Youth of Their Rights and Remove Barriers
  • Develop Quality Sexual Health Training
  • Require Sexual Health Education for Adults
  • Fact Sheet

    Provides overview of new training and case plan mandates in Senate Bill 89. (Last updated 5/15/19)

  • Senate Bill 89

    Legislation that created the four new requirements, which went into effect on 7/1/17

  • SB 89 Case Manager Guide & Youth Factsheets

    Resources to help case managers navigate the sensitive conversations they must have annually with foster youth, ages 10 and older, about their sexual and reproductive health rights and access to sexual and reproductive health care.

  • SB 89 Pre-Approval Curriculum

    Due to the passage of SB 89, training on sexual and reproductive health of foster youth is required to be part of pre-approval training for Resource Families. The purpose of this curriculum is to help county child welfare agencies and foster family agencies fullfill those training mandates and train Resource Families to better support foster youth in their sexual and reproductive wellness. It was developed by John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) and Seneca Familiy of Agencies as part of JBAY’s work with the Los Angeles Reproductive Health Equity Project.