Statewide Roster: California PREP Grantees & I&E Grantees

The California Foster Youth Sexual Health Education Act (Senate Bill 89) went into effect on July 1, 2017. Among its provisions is a requirement that the county child welfare caseworker ensure that every youth age 10 and older, including non-minor dependents if still in high school, receive comprehensive sexual education (CSE) once in middle school and once in high school. For youth who do not receive CSE, child welfare workers must document in the case plan how that requirement will be met.

The California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) requires that schools provide CSE to students, however some foster youth miss this course as a result of school changes or absences. For a youth who misses CSE, the child welfare worker should first try to coordinate with the student’s school/district to provide the course out of sequence, over the summer, or if a multi-school district, at another school. If this is not possible, the child welfare worker must refer that student to a community-based provider to receive CSE.

This roster provides contact information for agencies that can provide CSE, funded through the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) and the Information & Education (I&E) Program. For counties without PREP or I&E providers, Planned Parenthood is also resource for CSE.