THP-NMD Housing Supplement: Implementation Fact Sheet

Since 2012, the cost of housing has increased nearly three times faster than the rate paid for the Transitional Housing Placement for Non-Minor Dependents (THP-NMD), requiring more of the funding to be used for housing. This has resulted in unintentional harms to youth, including placement far away from their counties of origin, reduction in supportive services, exclusion of special-need populations such as parenting youth, long waiting lists and homelessness.

Assembly Bill 79, the Human Services Omnibus bill established a Housing Supplement for THP-NMD, for which $4 million was included in the FY 2020-21 state budget. The Housing Supplement will provide a supplementary payment on behalf of youth placed in THP-NMD to cover housing costs, based on the actual cost of housing in their county according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Market Rent.

July 2020