THP-NMD Plan of Operation Template


Organizations applying to become THP-NMD providers must submit a Plan of Operation to the Community Care Licensing (CCL) Division of the California Department of Social Services with their licensing application, and to the county they are requesting certification from (sometimes referred to as the “Program Plan”).

The template provided below specifies all state requirements for the Plan of Operation by referencing each section of CCL regulations where the Plan of Operation is discussed. This template is merely a suggested format and is intended to be a starting point for a provider to draft their Plan of Operation. Providers must include their own content and information specific to their program. Please note that use of the template does not guarantee approval by CCL or certification by any county agency.

For more information about the overall process of becoming a THP-NMD provider, download the 7-Step Guide.

Download the editable Plan of Operation template as a Word document. The PDF file is available for formatting reference.


  • Insert identifying information as indicated in the highlighted sections.
  • Insert information as indicated in each section as it pertains to the language in the corresponding regulations section.

    All regulations language is enclosed in the blue boxes. It is helpful to pull language from the regulations to ensure compliance, but also important to provide information as it pertains to your individual program.

  • You may consider renaming some of the sections to make for shorter headings, however make sure you include all required information.

    For example, in the template you will see that Section VII, “Grounds Sketch” has a much longer section heading in the regulations, but it has been shortened.

  • Be sure to delete the blue boxes and yellow highlighting prior to submitting your Plan of Operation.
  • Many of the sections require additional information or documents that are usually best presented as attachments (as indicated in the template).
  • As your last step, insert page numbers and attachment titles in the table of contents as they correspond to each section.