Tools, Templates & Resources Shared by Cohort Participants

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Graduated Rent Structure: This document outlines Casa de Amparo’s graduated rent structure which also includes reduced rent for youth enrolled in school. Shared by Casa de Amparo

Waiver & Release Form: A release form signed by housing participants upon entry to Unity Care’s THP+FC program. Shared by Unity Care

Housing Participant Budget Worksheet: A template used at Bay Area Youth Center to help youth budget. It includes a section specifically for financial aid. Shared by Side by Side (formerly known as Bay Area Youth Center)

Student Checklist: This is a useful form where information can be captured about an individual student’s class schedule, on campus supports, financial aid, and other important items. Shared by New Alternatives-San Diego County

Community College Enrollment Checklist: This helpful checklist includes all the important details to remember when a student is enrolling, and includes space for recording key information such as contact info for campus supports, key deadlines, and usernames and passwords. Shared by New Alternatives-Orange County

Usernames & Passwords Keeper: This document is helpful to provide students to assist them in storing all their key user names and passwords for post-secondary education, including CCCApply, FSA ID and E-Services (3 sheets per page). Shared by Volunteers of America-NCNN

Academic Flowchart for Los Rios Students: This document maps out a student’s journey from the time they choose to attend college to the time they begin school in the Los Rios Community College District. It also provides contact information for key supports on the campuses. Shared by Volunteers of America-NCNN

Education Passport: This half-sheet includes 8 boxes that list activities students are encouraged to complete on campus (e.g. student visited professor during office hours) The sheet contains a space where a campus staff can sign off to verify the student’s participation/completion of the activity. The sheet contains a QR code so that the campus staff can alternately verify participation electronically. Housing staff can either see this verification online or the student can turn in the hard copy of the Passport. Students who check off enough boxes are entered into a drawing for a gift card. To create your own form, Google any QR code creator or generator and you can put in a link to Survey Monkey, Jot Forms, Google Forms or any other online form creator. Shared by C.H.A.I.N. Reaction, Inc.