Training Curricula

Sexual and Reproductive Wellness for Youth in Foster Care (2019)

The purpose of this curriculum is to train Resource Families to better support foster youth in their sexual and reproductive wellness. It was developed by John Burton Advocates for Youth (JBAY) and Seneca Familiy of Agencies as part of JBAY’s work with the Los Angeles Reproductive Health Equity Project. Due to the passage of SB 89, training on sexual and reproductive health of foster youth is required to be part of pre-approval training for Resource Families. This curriculum was developed to help county child welfare agencies and Foster Family Agencies who conduct pre-approval training fufill those training mandate.

Turning Dreams into Degrees:

A Training to Empower California’s Caregivers to Support Foster Youth to Enroll & Succeed in College (2019)

This curriculum is designed to train caregivers, including Resource Families and short-term residential therapeutic program (STRTP) providers, to better support foster youth to enroll and succeed in college. It was developed by John Burton Advocates for Youth and UNITE-LA, with support from Los Angeles County’s Foster & Kinship Care Education Program. Three versions of the curriculum are available below: a statewide version for Resource Parents, a Los Angeles County version for STRTP providers and a LA County version for Resource Parents.

Setting up for Success: Supporting College Transition for Homeless Youth (2019)

This is a free online training, developed by John Burton Advocates for Youth that prepares those who work with homeless youth in K-12 systems to assist them to successfully transition into college. The course is comprised of seven modules, each covering a different topic that will help interested stakeholders set students up for success as they transition from high school to the next phase of the educational journey. Some modules will include a quiz or activity to help you apply the knowledge discussed and set you up to be prepared to support homeless youth with the next steps after graduation.