Upcoming Events & Trainings

January 22, 2019


Growing Your Program: Tools for Outreach, Recruitment and Understanding Eligibility

Description: Sometimes finding the students who qualify for your foster youth program can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. This webinar will explore innovate strategies for conducting outreach and recruitment that can help ensure that qualified students know about your program and can easily access your services. The webinar will also cover the nuances of eligibility for Community College NextUP (CAFYES) programs, and how you can work within the existing statutory language to maximize the number of students who qualify. While the webinar will be geared towards NextUP programs, the strategies addressed will have applicability for many different forms of campus-based foster youth support.

January 23, 2019


State Tax Credit Puts Cash into the Pockets of California’s Most Vulnerable Transition-Age Youth

Description: For the 2018 tax year, California expanded an important state program to the roughly three million transition-age youth in California, age 18 to 24. When they file their 2018 income taxes, they may be eligible for the California Earned Income Tax (CaEITC), regardless of whether or not they have a child. Prior to the policy change, an individual aged 18 to 24 was not eligible for the CA EITC unless they were a parent. This webinar will discuss this expansion and address commonly asked questions transition-age youth may have about how to access this important benefit.

January 31, 2019


Bridging the Gap: Connecting College Campuses to the Youth Homelessness Response System

Description: Each year the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development directs over $500 million to California to address homelessness via 43 local Continuums of Care (CoCs). CoCs coordinate local providers working to combat homelessness, yet there is too often a disconnect between college students facing homelessness and access to services administered by these entities. This webinar will familiarize the post-secondary education sector with the homelessness response system and how to assist students in accessing it.

February 7-21 2019 

Three-Part Webinar Series

February 7: Improving Access to the Chafee Education and Training Voucher

February 14: Reducing Homelessness Among Current and Former Foster Youth

February 21: Reducing Homelessness Among College Students

Description: This legislative session, John Burton Advocates for Youth is sponsoring three legislative proposals to improve the quality of life for current and former foster youth and homeless youth. To learn more, register for one or more webinars in the policy proposal series above. Each webinar will provide background information that explains the impetus for the legislation, outline specifically what the bill will do, and walk through the necessary steps required to turn the bills into law.